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Portable and Precise Bone Density Scanners

Portable & Lightweight To Easily Screen Patients Fast

Its ultra-compact size and weight (significantly lighter than a hardcover book) and natural usability makes it perfect for use in any doctor office or medical facility, drug store, yearly checkup center or home.

Perform Home Visits With Ease – No Undressing Needed

Unlike other devices available that measures the heel bone (Calcaneus), the Sunlight MiniOmni gives a simple and comfortable method for measuring the forearm bone (Radius).

Precise Measurements Will Help Improve Your Star Ratings

One of the most precise convenient bone densitometry scanners. MiniOmni utilizes the Sunlight Omnipath quantitative ultrasound innovation that has been demonstrated in a great many Sunlight Omnisense establishments worldwide since 2000.

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    Bone Density Scanners That Improves Your Quality Measures

    MiniOmni is based on the same proprietary Sunlight Omnipath quantitative ultrasound technology that has been proven in thousands of Sunlight Omnisense installations worldwide.

    MiniOmni Portable Bone Density Scanner

    Advantages Of Our Portable Bone Density Scanners:

    • Early Assessment of Osteoporosis
    • No need for the patient to undress
    • Ultrasound test, No ionizing radiation
    • Scan can be performed by any trained operator
    • Immediate printed report
    • Small, lightweight, compact, portable
    • Most affordable, clinical test for osteoporosis

    Test takes less than 5 minutes at any office setup by any trained operator.

    BeamMed USA is offering a solution already proven in hundreds of clinics, with dozens of healthcare providers, as a perfect tool for gaining the Medicare stars, according to the HEDIS data collection protocol. HEDIS reporting proved that the Medicare 5 Star Rating was achieved in just a few months of using our MiniOmni bone density assessment, allowing HMO’s to Close The Gaps, prevent new HEDIS gaps from happening and most of all – assist in the prevention of osteoporosis fractures.

    Screening with MiniOmni helps identify Risk Adjustment opportunities.

    Ongoing screening, either in the clinic or as part of a home visit, for women above the age of 65, would reveal many unknown osteoporosis cases that require treatments or medications to minimize fractures.

    When a Patient is diagnosed with Osteoporosis and prescribed accordingly, their Risk must be Adjusted, and at the same time, related reimbursements with RxHCC.

    Classification of the “Higher Risk” Patient (similar to a Diabetic) adds related costs, reimbursements, and revenue.

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    More About Our Bone Density Scanners

    img-resizeThe BeamMed Sunlight MiniOmni Portable Bone Density Ultrasonometer is a lightweight, compact, and mobile solution to detecting and monitoring osteoporosis. The radiation-free system measures bone density at the forearm bone (Radius), tibia, phalanx, and metatarsal (Calcaneus), eliminating the need to bend towards the floor or undress. Results are measured based on comparison of the patient’s scan with that of a younger person of the same gender. The BeamMed Sunlight portable-bone-density-scanner-2MiniOmni Portable Bone Density Ultrasonometer also produces results based on comparison against someone of similar weight, age, and gender. Using highly precise Omnipath axial transmission technology that measures along the bone’s maximal strength axis, the diagnostic equipment accurately assesses bone strength through measurement of mineral density, elasticity, cortical thickness, and microstructure.

    BeamMed Sunlight MiniOmni Portable Bone Density Scanners Includes:
    • 12 month warranty
    • MiniOmni ultrasonometer main unit
    • One probe (lifetime functionality/ $2000 value)
    • User guide and installation disk (located securely within side velcro pouch of carrying case)
    • Spring gauge
    • Phantom for quality verification
    • Power supply and cable
    • MiniOmni USB cable A-B 1.8 m.
    • Hand rest
    • Ultrasound gel (8.5 ounces, .25 liter)
    • Skin marker
    • Carrying case

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